General Claim Information

Claims may be submitted in the following manners. You may also submit claims through your mobile app or member portal if your benefit plan allows.
Email: [email protected]
Fax: 403-236-9420
Mail: #50, 12221 44 Street SE | Calgary, AB | T2Z 4H3

Yes!  A mobile app is available on iTunes and Google Play.  Search for “My Health Benefits -Telus Health” and install.

Each benefit plan will have different requirements for medical & dental services. Generally, we recommend any service over $500 be sent to us for pre-approval to confirm coverage and the amount. For specific requirements regarding your plan please contact us.

If you have not provided your banking information a cheque and benefit statement will be mailed to your home address.  Otherwise, we will direct deposit your reimbursement into the bank account of your choice.  By choosing direct deposit you will not have a statement mailed to you but they are available through your member portal.

If you provide a receipt showing the exchange rate charged, you will be reimbursed based on that amount.  If you do not have a receipt that shows the exchange rate used, we will use the exchange rate as of market closing on the date of service.

When submitting your claims you should send them to the primary carrier first (i.e. you send your claims to Health Risk and your spouse’s claims go to their insurance carrier). If any portion of the claim is not reimbursed by the primary carrier, then the claim should be forwarded to the other insurance company with the original Explanation of Benefits (EOB) and copies of the receipts. Children’s claims will be reimbursed under the parent whose date of birth (month and day) falls first in the year, If the parents have the same date of birth then the claims will be based on alphabetical order of the parent’s first name.

If Health Risk is the second payer then a copy of the original receipt along with the Explanation of Benefits from the primary payer is required. If the EOB is for a Dental claim, the EOB should contain procedure codes, tooth codes, tooth surfaces and provider information; If the EOB does not contain this information please submit a copy of the standard dental claim form along with the EOB.

Claims are processed and paid out within 3 business days.

Benefits will terminate the last day you worked.  You will have 30 days to submit any claims that were incurred prior to leaving your employment.

No. Over-the-counter medications, vitamins, supplements and natural health products do not qualify as a medical expense under the Income Tax Act even if they are prescribed by a medical practitioner.

Taxes, Gratuities, Shipping & Handling charges are not eligible expenses under a benefit plan.  Only Eligible Medical Expenses may be claimed.

Dental Claim Information

Most plans will allow your dentist to submit claims to us electronically.  Our dental carrier number is 000034 (Telus Adjudicare) using the NDC Network v.4.  For assistance submitting electronic claims please contact the e-Dental Customer Support Line at 1-866-483-5862.


We will also pay dental claims on assignment if that is an option your dental office provides.  Please have your dental office call us for confirmation of coverage and whether your plan allows electronic claim submissions.  

All claims, including second payor, may be sent by fax, email or mail.


Fax: 403-236-9420
Email: [email protected]
Mail: #50, 12221 44 St SE, Calgary, AB   T2Z 4H3