Employee & Family Assistance Program

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What is an EFAP?

Employee and Family Assistance Programs (EFAPs) are employer paid benefits that support both the employees and the workplace. These services are designed to enable employees to resolve personal and work issues for optimal productivity.

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How Effective are EFAPs?

Dozens of applied research studies show that EFAP services can produce positive clinical change, improvements in employee absenteeism, productivity and turnover, and savings in medical, disability or workers’ compensation claims. Often the largest area of financial savings associated with EFAP use comes from improved employee productivity (reduced presenteeism”) and reduced work absence.

Some examples of employee work performance outcomes after EFAP use include:

  • 57% of cases had improvement in ability to work productively after use of the EFAP.
  • 64% of cases with work issues as primary problem had improvement after EFAP use; and 46% of all types of cases had improved work productivity.
  • Number of “work cut-back” days in past 30 days was reduced from 8.0 to 3.4 days after EFAP use.