Don’t Overlook Your Mortgage When Considering Your Overall Financial Plan!

Our Trusted Partners

Not often do you hear the word “strategy” used when talking about mortgages.

This is why Health Risk is proud to be partnered with Concourse Mortgage Professionals.

HRS mortgages

The purchase of a home, vacation home or commercial property unquestionably rank in the top of the largest purchases you will make and most often you will require a mortgage.  Mortgages are complicated and as a result, there is no one-size fits-all approach.  Therefore, shopping for your mortgage can be overwhelming at the best of times.

Over the years many of our Health Risk Services clients have become home or commercial property owners and have wondered if we could refer them to a Mortgage Lender or Broker. I will rarely refer unless my personal experience has been one of success and satisfaction.  I can attest to experiencing both during my journey to acquire a commercial mortgage with Greg Miller at Concourse.

“Strategy” – the Concourse Mortgage Professionals Corporate Philosophy mirrors the Health Risk Corporate Philosophy in that they are “not transaction-focussed”, as it is their goal to strategically align mortgage and debt management to each client’s overall financial plan.

As recent winners at the Canadian Mortgage Awards, the Concourse mortgage professionals will teach you strategies that you wouldn’t learn at any of the big banks, nor most other brokers. They are experts at what they do and work on your behalf!

Our Trusted Partners

Concourse is an Independent Brokerage and is not tied to any one bank or lending institution. With access to 50+ lending institutions, Concourse has access to the best rates and products in the industry. They will find a mortgage that suits your personal lifestyle or business requirements.

To discuss your Mortgage needs, please contact Greg Miller directly.