Corporate/Business Insurance Introduction

group insurance plans

Different types and sizes of business require different types of Insurance policies to protect their owners/employees, company assets, productivity, and longevity – there is no one-size-fits-all insurance solution!   Each business will have its own unique protection needs that are determined by:

  • The type of industry
  • Size of the business
  • Ownership structure
  • Financial structure
  • Long-term financial goals

Insurance products can be tailored to meet a particular need of a business such as Key Man Insurance or be designed to accommodate several needs in one plan such as an Executive Compensation Program.

Usually, a business will identify their risks and purchase individually underwritten insurance policies designed to address the specific risk. However, some insurers will offer packages that bundle different types of insurance protection together and although the coverage is not as tailored to the unique situation, the premiums will often be less expensive than purchasing policies separately.

Health Risk has extensive knowledge and experience in working with business owners to design their business insurance programs meeting their specific requirements in terms of coverage and expenditures. It is absolutely essential that the design & planning of your business insurance plan not only satisfies the risk and structure of your business today, but will continue to serve your changing needs when and if your business grows, is streamlines or realigned.

Below are basic descriptions of many of the types of Corporate/Business Insurance plans that are available to you. Please contact Health Risk for additional information regarding any of the plans listed and the applicable insurance products or if you would like to request a quotation…WE ARE HERE TO HELP!

Available Corporate/Business Insurance Services

Stay tuned for the introduction of our TOTALHealth™ program! To be launched in 2023.