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It is not uncommon to see a business’s profits or surplus cash simply sitting in the Retained Earnings of the company making absolutely no income OR invested in GICs or taxable investments. These taxable investments may not always be a business’s best investment option.


If the Corporation or Business already needs an exempt life insurance policy for Key Person Insurance, Business Loan Protection, Buy-Sell Agreement Funding or some other business insurance need, the policy could also be used as a vehicle for investing the company’s excess profits!

An exempt, permanent Life Insurance Policy such as Universal Life or Whole Life policies allow for tax-deferred growth of the cash value and tax-free receipt of the proceeds at death. The cash value growth within exempt policy is not subject to annual accrual taxation and is only subject to tax if there is a disposition of the policy.

Significant cash value can accumulate on a tax-deferred basis if the business deposits the maximum amount permitted by the Income Tax Act into the exempt policy. The deposits can remain within the policy on a tax-sheltered basis and pay for the cost of insurance expenses in future years.

If the corporation, shareholder or business owner needs access to the cash at some future date, the policy’s cash surrender value can be accessed through withdrawal or as a collateral loan secured against the insurance policy.

Policy withdrawals may trigger some income tax at the time of the withdrawal. Advances to the corporation received as a collateral loan will be tax-free and if the proceeds are used to earn income from a business or property or property, and the other requirements of 20 (1)(C) of the Act are met, the interest expense may be deductible for tax purposes.

Health Risk always recommends that your Accountant play a role in the establishment of appropriate insurance programs in order to determine the proper tax implications for your Company or Business. We also recommend that your Lawyer be involved in the establishment of any legal documents necessary to the implementation of insurance program funding. 

We would be happy to assist you in making your dormant business dollars GO TO WORK FOR YOU! Give Health Risk a call today to learn more about this concept and the products that could be the perfect fit for your Corporation or Business!

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