Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance

Petsecure is Canada’s oldest and largest pet insurance provider.

Petsecure is pet health insurance protection that’s designed by Canadian pet owners and recommended by veterinarians. It covers your pet for unexpected accidents or illness, keeping your pet’s health and your finances on track.

As pet parents, we believe we can protect our pets from harm. Yet, no matter how much love and care we provide, accidents and illnesses are still beyond our control.

As a Petsecure customer, you’ll be reimbursed for up to 80% of the cost of the care and veterinary services. This includes x-rays, hospitalization, surgery and even prescriptions required for any accident or illness.

Pet Insurance
Pet Insurance

Benefits with Petsecure include:

– Choice of any licensed veterinarian in Canada.

– Covers medical problems and conditions relating to accidents, illness and preventive care.

– Covers dogs and cats of all breeds over 8 weeks old.

– Fast and simple claims.

Petsecure gives you the confidence of knowing that when you need to, you can provide your pet with the very best veterinary treatment and care – you’re prepared for the unexpected. For further information on the Petsecure product or to request a quote, please click here or phone Petsecure directly at 1-800-268-1169

How much does Pet Insurance cost?

Pet insurance can be very affordable! Your premium will depend on factors like the level of coverage and deductible you choose and the breed and age of your pet at the time you enroll for coverage. Petsecure pet health insurance will help you choose what level of coverage is right for you!

Pet Health Insurance: Peace of Mind for you and your Pet

You can choose from different types and levels of coverage to suit your needs and budget.

Typically, Petsecure covers:

-All ages and all breeds of cats and dogs
-80% of your veterinary feeds
-Medical conditions arising from accidents
-Available coverage for dental, alternative and preventative care

o when is the best time to sign up for Pet Health Insurance?

It’s safest to do so as soon as you bring home that new puppy or kitten. This way you are able to cover congenital and hereditary conditions that have not yet been diagnosed in your puppy or kitten. During the first year of a dog or cat’s life is when veterinarians can best discover and treat problems like allergies, heart problems, hip problems, and more.

Pet Insurance