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Do you feel like you are throwing your money down the drain when it comes to benefits?

We routinely provide our clients more value and deliver more benefits for their premium. We are confident our strategies will optimize your benefits plan.

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We Understand That As A CFO Or Financial Executive You Need To Succeed In Four Key Areas:

1. Analytics (insights to action)
Numbers reveal trends, risks, and opportunities, they also determine the organization’s awareness of the outside world. A strategically oriented CFO can ensure that the whole organization puts its focus on key business drivers.

2. Strategy (align & drive)
CFO’s can help companies successfully deliver on the full potential of a transformation. They must be judicious about which activities truly add value, and embrace their roles in leading the improvement in the organization.

3. Operations (partner to improve)
Realizing the true performance potential of the organization requires the CFO to develop an unbiased, holistic, end-to-end view of the organization’s full value chain—from customer needs to back-office operations to suppliers’ contributions to competitors’ positioning—and pinpoint the places that need attention.

4. Talent (collaborate and motivate)
To be an effective business partner, today’s CFO must have the necessary leadership and communication skills. They must give advice and counsel as well as provide a voice of reason. Often asked to lead group-wide transformation programs they must be able to translate detailed information into clear, concise, and accessible messaging. Creating a top talent pipeline to ensure the right people and leadership skills are in place is also critical.

We are committed to helping you get there.

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Health Risk Is A Partner In Helping You Succeed.

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1. Analytics
A Mercer survey conducted in 2016 found 96% of employers collected data pertinent to their benefits plans, but only 45% used it in support of their decision-making process. HRS will guide you through what we call “data analytics.” This allows you to better understand your workforce, your demographics, and where you should invest your finances to best control your benefits costs over time.

2. Strategy
A competitive employee benefits plan is a critical element in attracting and retaining employees but staying on top of rising costs while quickly adapting to workforce changes can challenge any organization. At HRS we want to be your partner, ensuring your organization thrives for the long term. We develop a road map with you that addresses today’s issues and ensures tomorrow’s goals are achieved.

3. Operations
Maximizing the value of a benefits plan requires the plan be fitted to employee needs, but also needs to be designed to ensure transparency and accountability. At HRS we review and manage each client’s plan to ensure that it is functioning as desired. This includes adjudicating and verifying all claims submitted through our client’s benefits plans for eligibility and to ensure compliance with Canada Revenue Agency. In addition, we provide all necessary claims statements for employees and reporting statements for employers. We do this as your business partner so you focus your energy and expertise where it matters most – leading and running your business.

4. Talent
The demands and dynamics of today’s workforce continues to change. With a fluid work environment and pressures never realized before, employers are realizing the benefits of making employee health and wellness a priority. When employees make healthy lifestyle changes, they are more productive and engaged. HRS works with you to build a roadmap for health management that lays the foundation for an organization-wide culture of wellness.

Why CFO's and Finance Executives love us..

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We understand that today’s CFO’s must break away from the number-cruncher stereotype and think of themselves as more of a strategic player in the company.
CFO’s and Finance Executives today need to be creative, understand best practices, and know how to create more value for their company. That’s where Health Risk comes in.

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At Health Risk, we know you want to provide the best employee benefits possible so you can attract, retain, and reward your employees. To do that, you need to find the right benefits partner to help you succeed. This is often an overwhelming process. The last thing you want to feel or experience is that you don’t have a partner that understands the vision and values of your organization. The last thing you want to feel is that you are not getting the financial value from your benefits plan or the support required for your employees.