Health Risk introduces seCUREme

Health Risk Services Introduces Stop Loss Insurance for Self-Funded Health Plans –

Welcome seCUREme!

February 1, 2017 – Health Risk Services Inc., a Calgary Alberta based company as a leading provider of employee benefits, today introduced its Stop Loss and Catastrophic Insurance – seCUREme – products for employers that self-fund their own health plans.  seCUREme Stop Loss and scCUREme Catastrophic plans were designed to help mitigate employer’s financial risks when self-funding a medical plan by providing insurance protection against unpredictable and catastrophic claims.

Over the past years, Self-Funded plans have become a preferred funding option primarily for large employers, but with the proper mitigation of risk, self-funded medical plans can also be an attractive option for small to mid-size employers.  Employers have discovered that having the Self-Funded model for health plans has provided them with the ability to reduce premiums, lower costs and improve cash flow.  By introducing seCUREme Stop Loss or seCUREme Catastrophic insurance plans to these Self-Funded medical plans, the employers are able to reduce their uncertainty and potential liability while providing health coverage that their employees require.

seCUREme Catastrophic was designed with the one person business owner and small companies in mind.  seCUREme Catastrophic can be added to  Cost Plus Plans or Health Spending Accounts and offers attachment points/deductibles from $3,500.00 to $10,000.00 while providing Drug coverage up to $100,000.00 Annually.

seCUREme Stop Loss was designed for small, mid-size and large companies with employees. seCUREme Stop Loss can be added to Traditionally designed Benefit Plans to provide full benefit coverage inclusive of Drugs, Extended Health and Dental OR a Drug Plan only with optional annual maximums.

The Underwriter of seCUREme is Anahita Insurance.   Anahita underwrites Life, Health, Disability, Travel and related insurance products for Individuals and Corporations.  To enhance the security of Anahita policies, they have been backed by Reinsurance partners with:

  • Excellent Financial Security; AND
  • A-Rating from AMBest or similar independent International Credit Rating Agencies

The Administrator and Adjudicator of seCUREme is Health Risk Services Inc.   Health Risk provides a seamless coordination of benefits with the Employer’s Self-Funded program and seCUREme for the timely claims reimbursements.    Health Risk is also capable of coordinating seCUREme with the employer’s medical carrier or other Third Party Administrators providing Self-Funded Medical plans to their clients.

About Health Risk Services Inc.

An Insurance Brokerage & Third Party Administrator, Health Risk Services Inc. was founded in Calgary, Alberta in 2000.  Through the Insurance Brokerage, Health Risk is committed to protecting individuals, business owners and their employees with Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance and Group Employee Benefits inclusive of Extended Health & Dental products.

As a successful Third Party Administrator (TPA) or Administrative Services Only Company (ASO), Health Risk has been providing the Creation, Implementation and Adjudication of      Self-Funded Benefit Plans inclusive of Extended Health, Dental & Short Term Disability Insurance to the Self-Employed, Business Owners with employees and Corporations across Canada.

Health Risk Services realizes that choosing the right Stop Loss or Catastrophic Insurance Plan is essential to the success and sustainability of your Self-Funded medical plan.   We are here to provide you with all of the help you need to create a plan customized for company size and unique risk tolerance.  

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