Pharmacare Registration | Residents of BC, SK, and MB

Plan members who are residents of BC, SK and MB (pharmacare provinces) may be eligible for coverage under their provincial prescription drug program. Residents of these provinces are not automatically enrolled in the plans, so must apply for the benefit.

Plan members located in pharmacare provinces are required to be enrolled in their provincial drug programs, as these programs act as the primary payer for eligible drug expenses and insurance companies act as the secondary payer. Coordination between insurers and the provincial plan happens right at your pharmacy, to ensure the right provider is paying for these expenses.

It is highly recommended that enrolment in your provincial plan occur prior to reaching the drug claim threshold of $1,200.00. Should you and your dependents (combined) reach the threshold and the insurers do not have a confirmation of enrolment in the provincial prescription drug plan, your coverage with your insurer will be paused until confirmation is received.

Information on provincial prescription drug plans ca be found on the following websites:

BC Pharmacare

MB Pharmacare

SK Special Support Program

Please send a copy of your registration confirmation to Health Risk Services Inc.:

By email to:
[email protected]

By mail to:
Health Risk Services Inc.
50, 12221 – 44 Street SE
Calgary, AB T2Z 4H3

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