Getting Benefits from a Boutique Service Provider

Getting Benefits from a Boutique Service Provider

If you’ve ever checked out the health insurance options at the big companies like Blue Cross or Sunlife, you’ve likely noticed that they usually offer only one or two plans per province. Usually they have a basic plan that rarely covers quite enough and an expensive plan that covers too much. You’re forced to compromise either your coverage or your pay cheque. But what can you do about it?

Some of these big companies have gotten so large it can feel like they’re almost a provincially or federally backed business. They aren’t. They’re private businesses and other options exist. Many of our clients came from larger providers before converting to Health Risk, and they love the benefits of working with a small boutique service provider.

Customized Plans.

At Health Risk, we don’t want you to pay an extra hundred bucks for a plan that covers eyeglasses you don’t need. We’re committed to providing just the coverage that you actually need and want. We’ll discuss with you to create your list of health benefit requirements and wishes. Then our team will work together to invent a fully custom plan that incorporates each of the components most important to you. Whether you’re an individual, have a family, or need insurance for your employees, Health Risk will treat you like a person not a number.

Constant Monitoring.

As a small boutique company, we feel it’s important to maintain a high level of involvement with each of our clients. We monitor your account and program monthly to make sure you’re benefiting to the full extent. If something seems a bit off — you need a little more coverage for prescriptions or a little less for dental, we’ll work with you to alter and perfect your plan.

When you work with Health Risk, you’re working with a team of health insurance experts who are committed to giving you the best service they can. We’re happy to create custom plans for our clients and strive to continue tweaking and perfecting them each month. If you’re tired of feeling like you’re just a number on a computer screen choosing a cookie cutter plan for your unique situation, we encourage you to try another option. Call Health Risk today, tel: 403-236-9430.