Bridging the Gap: What Men Seek in Their Employee Benefits Plans

Bridging the Gap: What Men Seek in Their Employee Benefits Plans

Employee benefits are a critical factor in attracting and retaining talent in today’s competitive job market. While many aspects of benefits are universal, it’s essential to recognize that men, like women, have unique preferences and needs when it comes to their benefits packages.


Robust Health and Wellness Benefits

Just as for women, comprehensive health and wellness benefits are a top priority for men. This includes medical, dental, and vision insurance. Men often appreciate wellness programs that address their physical health and access to preventive care.

Regular health check-ups, gym memberships, and mental health support are vital components that contribute to overall well-being. According to a report by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, 81% of employers offer wellness programs as part of their benefits packages, indicating their importance.


Financial Security

Financial benefits are a common focus for men when evaluating an employee benefits plan. They look for retirement savings plans, life insurance, disability coverage, and access to financial wellness programs.

Ensuring their financial security and future planning needs is an essential component of a well-rounded benefits package. Data from the Employee Benefit Research Institute shows that 79% of male employees participate in retirement savings plans, emphasizing the importance of such benefits.


Professional Development Opportunities

Men are eager to advance their careers and develop professionally. Providing opportunities for skill development, mentorship programs, and career advancement resources is attractive to men who are ambitious and want to excel in their careers.

Studies show that men are more likely to be promoted to managerial positions, highlighting their interest in career growth and development.



Equal Pay and Equity

Men, just like women, appreciate organizations that prioritize equal pay for equal work. Companies that address the gender pay gap and demonstrate a commitment to equitable compensation and opportunities are appealing to men who value fairness and diversity.

The World Economic Forum reports that, on average, men earn 37.7% more than women globally, emphasizing the importance of addressing pay equity.


Clear Communication

Transparency and open communication about benefits, company policies, and diversity and inclusion efforts are vital. Men, like all employees, want to work in an environment where information is readily available, and trust is fostered.

A report by Edelman found that 63% of employees consider transparent communication from their employer as a critical factor in building trust.


Work-Life Integration

Creating an environment where work-life integration is encouraged is a benefit that men value. Policies that allow employees to manage personal matters without guilt or negative repercussions contribute to a supportive and positive workplace.

A study by FlexJobs found that 70% of employees desire more flexible work options, indicating the importance of work-life integration.


Employee Assistance Programs

Mental health and counseling services offered through employee benefits plans are valued by men, who may encounter various life challenges that benefit from professional support and guidance.

The National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions reports that 77% of employers offer employee assistance programs to support the mental well-being of their employees.


Final Thoughts

Recognizing what men are looking for in their employee benefits plan is crucial for organizations aiming to attract and retain male talent. Employers that focus on these aspects create a work environment where men feel empowered, valued, and motivated to excel.

By catering to the specific needs and preferences of men in the workplace, organizations can enhance overall satisfaction, promote diversity and inclusion, and foster a positive and productive work atmosphere. The statistics presented here underline the importance of aligning benefits packages with men’s preferences and needs in the workforce.



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