Helpful Information & Links re. COVID-19

COVID-19 Updates, Information and Resources Centre

Where can I get more information on COVID-19? Here are some helpful links to gather more recent information.

Health Canada:

World Health Organization:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

For those persons who may be concerned they may have symptoms of COVID-19, the federal government has created an online self-assessment tool. You will be asked a series of questions and dependent upon the responses and symptoms identified, the tool will provide advice, giving one of the four following actions:

• Visit an emergency room
• Call telehealth
• Self-isolate at home
• Do nothing

The tool can be accessed here:

Federal and provincial governments have implemented regulations for non-essential businesses and extended school closures. For up to date information please check your provincial government websites, or the following federal website: coronavirus-disease-covid-19.html

The Government of Canada has also introduced several economic and financial plans to support those directly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. For detailed information on Canada’s economic recovery plan, please check the following website:

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