Keeping Your Family Safe This Summer

Keeping Your Family Safe This Summer - Health Risk Services - Private Health Insurance Provider

Are you planning a summer vacation for the family? Great! There are few ways better to spend a summer than helping your kids or teens to explore the world and experience new things. But whether your family will be climbing the Rockies, swimming off the coast of PEI, or trying their first cappuccino in Italy, you’ll need to plan ahead.

Chat with Your Doctor.

Before you head out on an adventure abroad, it’s a good idea to check in with your family doctor. Depending on where you’re going, they may recommend vaccinations or other medicines to stay safe. Remember, even the US can be affected by diseases we simply don’t have here in Canada, so always check in with your doctor even if you’re heading to a developed nation. Some topics to bring up are whether or not you can safely drink the water in the place you’re going, and whether there is anything you need to know to travel safely. For example, if your family is planning on getting pregnant in the next year, both spouses should avoid traveling to countries affected by zika.

Be Prepared.

When you’re packing your bag, some things are obvious. You’ll need clothes and a tooth brush, etc. However, other things may be less immediately apparent. For example, if you’re planning a more romantic getaway, you may want to pack condoms or otherwise ensure you have effective, high quality birth control if you need it. In general, we suggest being cautious. Not every country has the same stringent health standards as Canada when it comes to health and pharmaceutical supplies. Sunscreen, bug spray, and even lip balm should be purchased ahead of time if possible.

Travel Health Insurance.

Before you leave your home province, you’ll need to talk with your health care insurance provider to make sure you’ll be covered on your trip. Even if your vacation will keep you within the Great White North, it’s a good idea to double check. However, if your trip is taking you out of the country, it’s even more important to ensure you have travel insurance for every member of your family for the length of your stay abroad. Medical bills charged outside of Canada will not be covered by your provincial plan, so you’ll need a private health provider to pay for any treatments you receive abroad. It simply isn’t optional.

More than ready for work to be done and your vacation to start? Don’t forget to take a little time to check in with your doctor, get prepared for your trip, and contact your health insurance provider. Being proactive by getting the right vaccines and carrying the right supplies will help your trip to run smoothly, but if things go wrong, you need a private health insurance provider you trust. Contact Health Risk today to learn more about our travel health insurance benefits and how we keep your family safe abroad with less hassle for everyone.