Monitoring Canada’s Drug Supplies During COVID-19

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Here at Health Risk Services we have been having discussions with our many Self-Funded/ASO Prescription Drug clients regarding the impact that COVID-19 may have on the availability of continued prescription drugs for themselves and their employees.  Amidst reports that drug shortages in Canada are happening more frequently due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Health Canada has been working closely with manufacturers, distributors, hospitals and pharmacies to buttress the stability of this country’s drug supply chain.

But most importantly – it is assuring to recognize that our Trusted Partner in providing all of our clients their necessary medications – TELUS Health – is working diligently behind the scenes to support all clients using the TELUS Health Assure Drug cards.

TELUS Health is monitoring and responding to Canada’s evolving drug supply by streamlining its processes for covering alternate drugs that can be dispensed in place of drugs that are in low-supply or out-of-stock. For group supplementary health employer sponsored drug plans, TELUS Health is collaborating with its clients by sharing with them data pertaining to drug back-orders in order to help them take the best possible actions on behalf of their plan sponsors.  “All stakeholders are working in a unified way on two levels: to prevent the hoarding of medications in the short term, and to protect the viability of the global supply chain in the long term,” said Jason Kennedy, director, health business consulting, TELUS Health.