Perspective on Chronic Disease Management

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In today’s diverse workforce, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for plan managers when it comes to chronic disease management. Employee demographics, culture and your existing benefit plans all factor into how you address chronic disease management.
There are three groups of employees on a continuum whose needs must be addressed: employees who are healthy at work, employees who are at work but who are at risk, and employees who are off work and on disability.

Getting perspective on managing chronic disease benefits will involve digging deep into your claims data for drugs, paramedical services, disability claims and the usage of family assistance programs. Add to your review of that data an analysis of your company’s policies and procedures which shape your corporate culture. Do you have a culture that supports employee health and wellness?

Forward-thinking companies have embraced creating an environment which encourages employee health and wellness choices and self-care because they understand that prevention is less expensive for the company and the individuals.  Having workplace opportunities for employees to be proactive about their own health and wellness is a significant step towards preventing chronic disease down the road.

One medical advance that is very positive for chronic disease management is in the area of mental health. Pharmacogenomics is a simple test which can help identify the most effective drug based on an individual’s genetic makeup. For many mental health patients, the process of identifying the right medication for depression, for example, can involve trying several over a period of months to find one that works. Pharmacogenomics helps eliminate that wasted time on ineffective medications, which are an unnecessary cost to a benefits plan.

At Health Risk Services, we work with plan managers to understand the claims data for drugs, paramedical services, disability claims, and what it means for their plans. We can also assess and make recommendations about your employee wellness programs. 

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