The Importance of Improving Adherence to Medications

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The 2020 SANOFI CANADA Healthcare Survey found that a significant number of people on healthcare plans did not adhere to the schedule for their chronic medications. 

This has serious cost implications for plan sponsors.

Those individuals will not be getting the full benefit of their prescribed medications which could impact their experience of symptoms. In addition, the plan sponsors are paying for medications which are not being used properly. If these non-adherent individuals are taking multiple medications for chronic illnesses, consistently reducing, or missing doses for one or more of these medications could have serious implications for their symptoms. This could potentially cause absences and even result in them having to go on disability.

What can employers do to encourage adherence?

In your health and wellness programs, make sure to include encouragement to take medications as prescribed.  Your wellness programs may focus on lifestyle issues such as eating, sleeping, and exercising better. However, adherence to taking medications should be added to your messaging to employees.

Why do people become “non-adherents” to their medications regimens?

  • People don’t understand the impact of missing doses or taking fewer pills than prescribed.
  • They may not feel the medication is doing them any good, or they may be experiencing negative side-effects.
  • They may be tired of taking multiple medications and having to try several before finding the one that works for their condition.
  • For some lower-income employees, even with a health plan, the costs of medications might be a challenge, especially during the pandemic.

Employers should communicate to employees that they can take the time to administer their medications at work, particularly if they require injections and want to do so in a private space. Employees should be made to feel that they are encouraged to take their medications at work and not feel uncomfortable. Staying on top of their medications is part of their wellness which the company wants to support.

At Health Risk Services, we work with plan sponsors to incorporate the right messaging in their employee health and wellness plans to encourage good “medication hygiene.”  We can assist you as well with your Health and Wellness communications.  Schedule a Complimentary Consultation with Health Risk Services…we will empathize, educate, and empower you and your team into 2021!

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