Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Thinking about your summer vacation? Whether you’re going to see The Grand Canal of Venice or the shores of Nova Scotia you need good, comprehensive, travel insurance.

One of the things Canadians hold proud is the incredible health care coverage we enjoy as residents. But what most don’t think about is that Canadian health care is managed at the provincial level of government. This means that coverage is not extended across all provinces, territories and countries.

Fortunately Health Risk offers travel insurance to cover you in most all instances. Whether you will be travelling for a quick couple of weeks, taking that bucket-list trip to exotic lands or accepting a contract to work in another part of Canada or the world you will find the coverage you need with Health Risk.



The most common form of travel insurance is Emergency Medical Insurance. This is the one that will get you into a hospital if needed, cover trips to the doctor or clinic when you get injured or catch a bug that needs attention. Many hospitals around the world will not accept patients without medical insurance and even more will not release patients until the bill is paid in full.

Purchasing your emergency medical insurance through Health Risk gives you the peace of mind when you’re travelling to know that in any eventuality you and your family are covered. Including but not limited to hospital expenses, emergency medical transportation, emergency dental services and out of pocket expenses for your family members, even an escort to get your children or grandchildren home safely if needed.

Add-on Coverage: trip cancellation and trip interruption is add-on coverage that can save you or your family money in the instance of an accident or illness while away from home. Should your trip be cut short due to a medical emergency or an unforeseen medical situation causes a cancellation of your trip all is not lost. This coverage will reimburse you for your missed trip so that when you’re back on your feet again you’ll have the funds to rebook and try again. Baggage and rental coverage gives you solid protection should something happen to your luggage or an accident to your rental car while you’re away. Don’t let your trip be ruined because you have to worry about the added cost of replacing items that were lost by the airline or rental car insurance that is very limited in it’s coverage. Health Risk policies are complete and comprehensive.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment: this is the coverage that protects your family from additional expenses that arise from your accidental death or an accident that leaves you in a incapacitated for a period of time. Helping with transportation costs, estate expenses and funeral costs.

Don’t let an accident or illness spoil your vacation or put you in financial jeopardy when getting the right coverage through Health Risk is simple and affordable. The cost of travel insurance should always be factored in when planning a trip budget. Health Risk can help you determine what coverage is appropriate for you and your circumstances. Why are you waiting?

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