Travel Insurance: What Do You Have Insured?

Travel Insurance: What Do You Have Insured?

When it comes to travel insurance, which package you purchase is going to decide a lot about what you’re covered for when you travel out of your province. Whether you’re booking a vacation at a sunny resort near the equator or a fishing trip off Newfoundland, it’s important to remember that your provincial health coverage doesn’t insure you outside of your province — even if you remain within Canada. But what do you need covered on anyways? Well it’s going to depend a lot on you, your circumstance, your age, and how long you’re going for.

Emergency Medical Insurance: This is the biggie and the whole point most Canadians go searching for travel insurance in the first place. No one plans to get sick or injured on vacation, but if it happens to you, you’ll need emergency medical insurance. Emergency medical insurance will provide you with the coverage you need to get better until you can return to Canada. Did you know that many hospitals across the world won’t even accept a patient if they don’t have insurance? Don’t be one of hundreds of travellers who get sick and can’t access medical help.

When you go through Health Risk, you can expect your emergency medical insurance to include hospital costs, emergency dental services, emergency transport, an escort home for any children or grandchildren, family and pet transportation, out of pocket expenses for accommodations and meals, and more.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment: Whether you’re vacationing or working out of province, accidental death and dismemberment can help alleviate some of the stress your family would feel as a result of a terrible, fatal accident. Accidental death and dismemberment helps to cover funeral and estate costs. Our coverage also means that, in the case of death, your body would be returned to your family in Canada.

Other Types of Coverage: Trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance are helpful add-ons that have saved Canadians like you thousands of dollars. If your trip must be cancelled or interrupted because of a medical issue, you can rest easy and focus on getting better because this insurance will reimburse the costs of the trip. Once you’re health and feeling great again, you can rebook!

Another much loved add-on is baggage and rental insurance which helps to protect your possessions while you’re on vacation. If your airline loses your suitcase or something happens to your rental car, you want to know you’re covered.

Are you trying to pick your travel coverage? At Health Risk we offer individual and family packages. We also offer a range of coverage options, so whether you want a focus on medical coverage, know that baggage insurance and trip cancellation is a must, or just want a well-rounded all-inclusive package, Health Risk has the insurance you need. Call us today!