Why You’ll Need Travel Insurance for your Staycation!


For some Canadians, the summer of 2022 is a great time to have a “Staycation,” and there are several good reasons for doing so. One is the price of gas for driving, or the price of airline flights, the delays at airports, and for some people, a bit of trepidation still lingers about the newest COVID variant. Rather than an expensive trip to Hawaii or Mexico, staying closer to home and travelling within Canada (or even your home province) can still provide you with a wonderful vacation experience.

Staycation Travel Insurance in your Province

However, many Canadians assume that their provincial health care plan covers ALL their health costs when they travel within their home province. Not so!

If you choose to have a staycation within your own province, your provincial health plan coverage is actually quite limited compared to the costs that travel insurance covers.

What your provincial health plan DOES NOT cover:

  • Ambulance—ground, mountain, and sea rescue
  • Family member to bedside
  • Medical equipment rental
  • Prescription drugs
  • Dental services
  • Accommodation costs and meals for travel companions
  • Escort of insured children home when you are hospitalized
  • Return of vehicle

What your provincial health plan partially covers:

  • Emergency room fees
  • Hospital fees
  • Doctor visits
  • X-rays and lab work

So, for example, if you are a Calgarian, and you travel to an Alberta lake and have a boating accident, you might be on the hook for a number of the costs mentioned above, even though you have Alberta Health Insurance.

Going to Another Province?

Yes, you definitely need travel insurance if you plan to visit another province for your vacation. You should consider getting Canada-wide travel insurance to make sure you are well-covered. If your own province doesn’t cover an ambulance, or prescription drugs, and only partially covers emergency room fees, hospital fees, doctor visits, x-rays, and lab work, you can be certain another Canadian province won’t cover those costs for out-of-province visitors. Even a short visit to an emergency room in another province could cost you thousands of dollars.

At Health Risk Services, we can advise you in choosing the travel insurance plans that cover you and your family members for your Staycation. Depending on your trip, you can obtain travel insurance for a range of risks including flight delays or cancellations, lost baggage, and medical care, if you require it while you are away from home, even if you’re in your own province. Even if you are taking a road trips within your province or to another one, Health Risk Services can help you choose the insurance that makes sense for your trip. Before you pack your suitcases, give Health Risk Services a call and we will help you get the travel insurance coverage you need.

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