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Sometimes, employees require medical treatment which involves taking time away from the workplace.  Other times, they can receive treatment while remaining at work.  In some instances, employees who have been off work for health matters require services to help them come back to work.  Employee & Family Assistance Programs are designed to help employees in all of these scenarios. 

Whether an employee experiences a car accident, a major surgery, a debilitating illness, or a mental health crisis, EFAPs are there as a safety net to provide all the services employees and their family members might require.

At Health Risk Services, our trusted partner, Homewood Health, provides full service EFAPs.  They are able to offer mental health counseling by telephone, online and in person, and address family and relationship issues, trauma, depression, anger management and life transitions.

They can also provide life coaching services to help individuals struggling with addictions, life balance issues, health smart choices and career smart coaching services too. Confidentiality is a high priority for all EFAP services, as is compliance of employees to follow their treatment plans. Homewood Health has physical treatment centres, as well as an online library of resources, interactive tools, assessments, and e-courses, to assist employees with accessing information to address their health needs.

Whether you are an employee who has questions about your own benefits plan, or you are an employer who is considering implementing an EFAP for your business, give Health Risk Services a call.  We can assist you with creating the EFAP which will work best for your company, and your employees. If you are an employee, we can help you interpret your employer’s benefits plan and answer any questions you might have about what is covered and how to access your benefits.

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