Why Employee & Family Assistance Programs are Vital

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We are still in the midst of a pandemic, and the fall-winter flu season is just around the corner. Now more than ever, employees need to know that they are not only protected from the virus and flu when they are at work, but that they also have health benefits and assistance if they do get sick.

Stay at Home if You’re Sick

Employers who worry about absenteeism should enforce the “Stay at Home” mantra this year as we face the double jeopardy of COVID-19 and seasonal flu. Workplace absenteeism will skyrocket if sick employees come to work. 

How EFAPs help employees and Employers

Employee Family Assistance Programs provide employees with the necessary health supports and treatments they require when they are sick.  EFAPs also provide employers with the knowledge that when employees have access to the care and treatments they need, they recover faster and are more productive upon return to work.

  • 57% of cases had improvement in ability to work productively after use of the EFAP.
  • 64% of cases with work issues as primary problem had improvement after EFAP use; and 46% of all types of cases had improved work productivity.
  • Number of “work cut-back” days in past 30 days was reduced from 8.0 to 3.4 days after EFAP use.

EFAPs Reduce Stress and Anxiety

We know that since the March arrival of the pandemic, many people in Canada – both employers and their employees – have experienced anxiety, stress, depression, and possibly suicidal ideation. Mental health issues are due to a range of problems from financial stresses, to managing children doing school at home, or even experiencing the problems of having a loved one get the virus.  This is why EFAPs are so vital at this time, to reduce or remove the anxieties that employees may have about their health at this time.  EFAPs provide a significant and worthwhile safety net at a time of a global health crisis.

Why We Work with Homewood

Health Risk believes in the added value of the EFAPs to both the Employer and the Employee and that it is for this reason that we partnered with a company whose true focus is to provide excellence in their treatment and services to their clients. Homewood’s services include counseling, life-smart coaching services, treatment centres, and other resources. Their EFAP and crisis management programs are multilingual and are fully accessible 24/7.

Health Risk Services has a unique contract with Homewood, and we can offer unique value pricing for their EFAPs to employers who do not yet have an EFAP in their Employee Benefits packages.  We are a boutique health insurance company with the ability to create and manage customized benefits offerings.

At Health Risk Services, we help employers design an Employee Family Assistance Plan that works for their employees and their business. For employees, we help them interpret and understand how best to access and make the most of the benefits they have. If you have any questions about EFAPs, please don’t hesitate to call. 

We’re here to help you.

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