Health Care? There’s an App for That

Virtual health care services have seen exponential growth due to the pandemic. Not only that, but virtual health care services are a phenomenon that employers should welcome. Thanks to the explosion of virtual care apps, employees can consult with health care providers to resolve issues through the app without needing an in-person visit.


Virtual Services are Expanding

Among the virtual services that can be provided via apps are these:

  • Medical Advice
  • Prescriptions
  • Referrals
  • Mental Health Support
  • Imaging Requisitions
  • Diagnosis
  • Lab results
  • Health Education
  • 24/7 on call support for urgent
  • Treatment for illnesses like infections, rashes, colds, and flu
  • Care advice for elders
  • After hours care

Direct-to-patient video and audio visits enable primary and specialty care providers and patients to connect quickly and relive pressure on hospitals, walk-in clinics, and physicians’ offices. Health care providers can consult with patients, provide advice, order medications, diagnostic x-rays, and lab tests, and make patient referrals to other specialists. Employees can obtain lab test results, appointment alerts, and access to their health records via virtual health care.


Virtual Care Helps Employers

The range of virtual health cares services will likely continue to grow, and for employers, giving employees access to virtual care services will reduce employee absenteeism and presenteeism. You will save your employees time, stress, and travel, while increasing their access to care. No more waiting rooms! Offering virtual health care for employees also helps to build a positive corporate culture and a heightened ability for employees to manage their own health care more effectively.

In addition, virtual health care services will help companies attract and retain employees. According to Hill & Knowlton, 74% of Canadian workers say that better health benefits are as important or more important than higher wages/salary. Another study found that 77% of employees would consider changing jobs for an employer offering the same pay but better health and wellness support.

At Health Risk Services, we work with plan managers to continually adapt their plans to meet the changes, opportunities, and needs of their employees while managing their company budget. We know how to find the best possible solution for both the employees and the employer in crafting benefit plans. We would like you to know more about how Health Risk Services can assist you with a 2021 plan to address the opportunities virtual health care offers employers and employees, so please schedule a Complimentary Consultation with us.

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