The “Culture” of Benefits Packages for Today, Tomorrow & the Future

We are slowly entering a new period of time which we can refer to as “post pandemic.” A lot has changed in 18 months, in our businesses, in our homes, in our lives. These changes have impacted the workplace and the workforce, and how we approach employee benefits packages too.

Our vocabulary has shifted to focus on flexibility, remote work, mental well-being, financial security, inclusivity. How will the post-pandemic changes affect employee benefits, and what employees will expect to receive?


Changes to Company Culture

Benefits managers have moved well beyond the core benefits such as health and retirement plans to respond to the changing demands and expectations of our wider culture. However, the pandemic has had a huge impact on corporate culture too, and this might be a good time to revisit and redefine what values your company wants to embrace and reflect in your employee benefits plans going forward. Social, political, and cultural changes might cause you to consider adding benefits such as these: fertility benefits, gender-affirmation benefits, care-giving leave, student loan assistance, safe leave, pet benefits and mental health benefits.


What are the values of your corporate culture?



If you want to have a culture of inclusivity, consider adding gender affirmation benefits which would include transgender benefits.



Fertility benefits – in vitro fertilization, to help employees who are trying hard to have a family.



During COVID, many employees needed extra flexibility to provide care for children doing school at home, or who were caring for elderly parents.


Furry Friends

Would you believe there are benefits which cover pet care leave, to care for a new puppy or a pet which is recovering from surgery?


Safe Leave

Sadly, one of the many negative consequences of the pandemic was that many victims of domestic violence were trapped at home with their abusers. There are now benefits which enable victims to escape to a safe place and be away from work to make that transition.


What’s right for your company?

Benefits chosen should meet employee needs and also fit with your organizational culture. One way to determine these needs is to conduct an employee survey or focus group. Benefits should also reflect what is important to and supported by company leadership.



At Health Risk Services, we work with plan managers to continually adapt their plans to meet the changing times, new opportunities, and needs of their employees while managing their company budget. We know how to find the best possible solution for both the employees and the employer in crafting benefit plans. We would like you to know more about how Health Risk Services can assist you with a 2021 plan to address the opportunities virtual health care offers employers and employees, so please schedule a Complimentary Consultation with us.

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