Is your Business’ Health Plan Meeting your Employees’ Needs?

Is your Business’ Health Plan Meeting your Employees’ Needs?

Many businesses want to offer their employees health benefits. It just makes sense. While health plans add some costs, they also help your employees be healthier, happier, and more productive. It’s important to a business that sick employees can get the care they need and not make everyone else ill while they’re at it. But is your business’ health plan actually meeting your employees’ needs?


Thanks to government funded health care, nearly everyone in Canada has access to some insurance. However, many Canadians are still underinsured and pay a great deal out of pocket for dental care, prescription medications, optometrists, and more. Evidence shows that even Canadians with health insurance plans through work spend a lot of money to access care that simply wasn’t covered.

Nutritionists and Dietitians.

It’s no secret that Canadians are getting fatter. The rates of obesity and diabetes are increasing and negative side effects are common with both of these medical conditions. By encouraging your employees to eat better and take care of their bodies, they will be healthier and better able to serve your company for years to come. When businesses are looking to expand their health plans, we always suggest offering employees benefits that cover nutritionists and dietitians. This relatively small investment will go a long ways in preventing more serious issues and keeping your employees healthy.

Massage and Physiotherapy.

Desk work and long sitting hours make up a large chunk of the average Canadian’s work day. However, new research is showing that being stationary for hours on end is really bad for our health. It increases risk for death across the board, and it also just makes you and your employees hurt. Stiff shoulders and necks, aching fingers and wrists, and pain in the lower and upper back should be taken seriously. When your employees are in pain, they aren’t working at their best. Give your workers opportunities to stand up and walk around every hour, but also provide them with the massage and physiotherapy care they need.

Offering your employees comprehensive health care is just the right thing to do. But it’s important to do research before picking a plan. Find out what benefits your employees really need, and take a hard look at the little things like diet and massage that make a big difference. At Health Risk, we pride ourselves on helping Canadians find the best health solutions for their families and their businesses. Contact Health Risk today and start providing your employees with a health plan that benefits both of you.