Men’s Health Goals for 2017

Men's Health Goals for 2017 - Health Risk Services - Full-Service Insurance Brokerage

Here at Health Risk, it’s our goal to help all Canadians reach their potential. It’s a new year, which mean it’s a great time for setting health goals for weight loss, muscle gain, and sustainable diets. The Canadian ladies are typically doing a great job of creating these sorts of healthy resolutions, meeting with their doctor, and striving towards body-excellence. Unfortunately, the lads aren’t quite keeping up. So sorry, ladies, but this blog is for the boys!

Check in with your Doctor.

Hey guys, we know that you’re busy with work, and it can be difficult to get time off, but in general Canadian men schedule 20% fewer appointments with their doctors than women do. And those of you who are seeing your doctor, less frequently follow the advice given to you. We realize that swearing off bacon and steak or starting an exercise routine isn’t exactly fun, but it’s important to realize that these behaviours cost taxpayers $37 billion annually. It also means than men are dying much younger than their female counterparts. At 65 years old, your mum is likely to live another 22 years. At the same age, you’ll only have an average of 19 years left.

Legal Drug Use.

When it comes to smoking and alcohol consumption, men are putting themselves at considerably more risk than their sisters and mums. Across the globe, there are approximately 3 billion smokers. But while only 11% of women smoke worldwide, nearly half of all men do. If you smoke and you’re look for a goal for 2017, then we 120% recommend quitting smoking. It may be the single best health decision you ever make. If smoking isn’t a problem for you, but you drink 2 or more drinks a day (or regularly consume 5+ drinks in a single day), you may want to consider cutting back or quitting alcohol. A 30 day or 1 year alcohol-free challenge is a great goal, and you’ll likely enjoy weight loss when you cut back on the beer!

In many health goals, Canadian men are falling behind the ladies. Men are more likely to drink moderately to heavily. They’re more likely to smoke. They see their doctor less, and they’re more likely to be overweight or obese. We realize that change is hard, but we also know that Canadian men are tough and amazing and can do anything they put their minds to. So this year, make your health a priority! And if you’re a lady who has a brother or husband or dad or another guy who you love, make supporting him in his health goals a priority. From the team at Health Risk, we wish you and yours a great 2017. Let it be your best and healthiest year yet!