Preparing to travel?

Preparing to travel?

It’s that time of year again, where we share invaluable, real-life traveler claim stories with you! These relatable examples illustrate how travel insurance protects traveler’s, whether they’re Canadians exploring our great nation, adventurous folk packing their wanderlust abroad, or snowbirds vacationing in warmer destinations to escape the cold—and all types of traveler’s in between.

Costs add up quickly in medical emergencies, and provincial health care plans contribute very little!

Seeing the numbers for even minor medical emergencies, or trip cancellations or interruptions, can open their eyes to the risks while travelling. And Canadians aren’t aware that provincial health care plans cover <10% of travel medical expenses outside of their home province. In fact, just last week, the Ontario government confirmed it will end out-of-country coverage beginning January 1, 2020, making travel insurance even more of a necessity for those travelling outside of Canada.

Accidents can be costly

While skiing in Japan, one of my friends fell and cut himself with the edge of his ski. The injury required a visit to the hospital and a couple stitches. Thankfully, he purchased travel insurance, which covered the cost of his hospital visit. Another time, a friend of mine hit a tree, and was sent to the hospital with a concussion. Once again, her travel insurance covered the cost of that visit. I’ve also had friends who’ve flown off of mountains in the US while climbing, due to sickness and injury. They would have been left paying thousands of dollars if it hadn’t been for their travel insurance. Of course, there may be instances where travel insurance claims for winter sports get denied, so it’s best to keep informed!

At Health Risk, it is our goal to provide each and every traveler with Peace of Mind during their journeys!!