The “Customization” of Benefits Packages for Today, Tomorrow & the Future

We are now entering the “post-pandemic” period and one of the things benefits managers have experienced through COVID-19 is how important customization of benefits plans has become for employees. The combination of working from home, or caring for COVID sick family members, or dealing with accessing health cares services online instead of in person made life more challenging through the pandemic.

Flexibility was required, for employees and employers as lockdowns, shuttered medical providers (such as dentists) and children home from school meant that life and work upheavals were challenging for everyone. 

The Legacy of the Pandemic

No two employees are alike, and their benefit plans are no longer alike either. With expanding virtual health and wellness services available, the demand for even greater customization of individual employee health benefits is on the rise. How can benefits managers respond? By embracing the new opportunities to attract and retain employees to include remote work, virtual health care, and importantly, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). 

Key questions benefits managers should consider:

  • Do our benefit programs provide adequate choice to meet the unique needs of our employees?
  • Is the language in our benefit booklets and human resources policies inclusive and non-binary?
  • What channels do we use to communicate about our benefits plans?

Communication about the customization of employee benefits plans will need to reach employees through multiple channels, and benefits managers will need to stay current with virtual care opportunities, and with DEI to understand benefits that may need to be added to serve a more diverse workforce.

At Health Risk Services, we work with employee benefits managers to help them revise and shape benefits plans on an ongoing basis to ensure the needs of their employees are being met within the company’s values and budget. We know how to find the best possible solution for both the employees and the employer in crafting benefit plans. We would like you to know more about how Health Risk Services can assist you with a 2021 plan to provide more customized employee plans, so please schedule a Complimentary Consultation with us.

At Health Risk Services we will Empathize, Educate, and Empower you and your team in 2021! 

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