Travel Insurance for Reading Week

Travel Insurance for Reading Week - Health Risk Services - Travel Insurance Calgary

The reading week is coming up, so if you have big plans for escaping the winter, you need to start thinking about travel insurance, immunizations, and a trip to your doctor’s now! Here in Canada, we’re very lucky to have access to clean water and not need to worry about malaria or other nasty diseases. When travelling abroad, this may not be the case!

Travel Insurance.

When you’re at home, your Canadian health insurance is here for you. Whether you need life-saving surgery or just need to ask the doctor about your sniffles, our provinces do an okay job of covering all the most important expenses. But that all changes when you leave Canada (and depending on which province you live in, you might not even be covered just travelling across the Great White North). America, for example, has an infamously expensive health care system, but as tourists travelling abroad, you’ll find every country’s medical bills can be gigantic. That’s why it’s vital to have health insurance coverage while you’re travelling. Accidents and illness happen, so give Health Risk a call before you go — you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised by our low fees.

The Small Stuff.

All travel plans are going to include some necessities that you might not be thinking about. Despite it being February and cold here in Canada, you’ll still want sunscreen for your trip to Hawaii! Before heading out, do a little research on what you might need. Bug spray, good shoes, sunglasses, and a hat are only the beginning!

Visit your Doctor!

As we mentioned earlier, we’re quite fortunate to live in a place where we can take clean, tap water for granted. This simply isn’t the case everywhere. That’s why it’s important to talk with your doctor before you travel. They’ll be able to give you all sorts of useful and important tips for staying healthy. Perhaps you should have a hepatitis vaccine before you leave, or maybe, you’ll need malaria pills. They may recommend only drinking bottled water, or they might give you advice about what sort of shoes to wear to avoid bites or stings from animals we don’t have here.

You’re an expert at staying healthy and keeping safe here in Canada, but don’t assume the exact same strategies will work everywhere! Whether you’re looking for travel insurance or general advice on how to plan for a healthy trip, start with a call to Health Risk.